Shilloi Lake Phek

Address : Latsum village

City/District : Phek

State : Nagaland


Sight of the beautiful, foot-shaped ShilloiLake set midst the backdrop of the mighty Matkai Range is sure to take your breath away.The residents of the nearby Latsum village consider this lake important as they believe that the spirit of the holy child rests in the bottom of the lake, making it holy.


Shilloi Lake is located in Lütsam Village of Phokhungri area under the Meluri sub-division in Phek district.There are many legends associated with the lake. One of them being that a baby was found floating in the middle of the lake and two hands were seen bobbing the baby. It is said that the baby is the reigning queen of the lake and that the spirits of the lake are its protector. It is therefore believed that no one can drown in the lake. In fact, there have been no reported deaths by drowning in the lake. It is landlocked between pine trees.
The area is known for its fishing spots. The best season to fish is between June and September. Being a haven for migratory birds like Siberian Cranes, the lake is the best place for birdwatching in the state.You can reside at the guest house and mix with the friendly localites. You can also spend time rowing boats. Or else, you can spend your time relaxing in the guest house. The lake plays an important role in advancing tourism in Nagaland.

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