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About Us

The My Tourism Guide (MTG) was founded within the mid-2016 by a little group of researchers who felt the necessity to satisfy and exchange experience of research in tourism. Our mission is to supply quality service to our clients and bundle exclusivity in our services. Our team members at My Tourism Guide. diligently and with their enriched knowledge and industry experience and strive to profit our Clients, our Patrons! At the danger of sounding a touch too proud, we've no qualms in acknowledging ourselves together of the simplest within the industry, especially when it involves the facilitation of inbound tours in India. to place it simply, we all know what our guests anticipate and, more importantly, we all know what it takes to satisfy them.

Is there an area aside from India where you'll pitch a tent right within the middle of a desert, taking note of rustic ethnic music strumming from a distance, or trek the mighty Himalayas, "shoot" tigers and lions at will, hop during a raft and conquer rappelling waters, found out camps in rainforests and laze around on sun-kissed beaches - beat a ten-day holiday? Here's where we rest our case! Visiting India may be a dream of each foreigner because India has a lot to travel and explore many adventures things. India is where people accept diversity. It is taken into account as a Multi-lingual country where you'll find many of us who speaks different languages. you'll visit the Sunderbans located within the Thar Desert, most fascinating cities like Bombay, Delhi, Mumbai and lots of more, water world like Andaman's, Sea, and Ocean, etc. The famous carvings places like Badami, Ajanta, Ellora, and Hampi, etc. Gajnur dam, Agumbe, Jog falls and Tungabhadra are the favorite places that we discover in Shimoga and in recent times it's become one among the famous tourist spot. India is additionally famous for temples like Madurai temple in Tamilnadu, Tirupati temple in Andhra Pradesh and lots of more. India has many entertainment and recreational centers like PVR Cinemas in Delhi, Malls and Waterparks in Bangalore. Besides this, we even have peak hills, bushy forests, adventure sport like hiking, Rafting, Snow Skiing, Biking, etc.


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