1 What is mytourismguide.com?

The My Tourism Guide (MTG) was founded within the mid-2016 by a little group of researchers who felt the necessity to satisfy and exchange experience of research in tourism. Our mission is to supply quality service to our clients and bundle exclusivity in our services.

My Tourism Guide may be a one-stop platform/marketplace for planning and booking a vacation package. We empower travelers to match multiple quotes from multiple travel agents, and further customize the trip as per the traveler's preferences. the opposite travel portals typically provide a typical packages where the choice of customization is restricted .

You will need to check in to make an account on our website to book a visit .the simplest travel agents, for your specific destination, will prepare an itinerary for your trip & provide you the simplest quotes in response to your request. you'll choose the one that suits you the simplest and book your trip by making the payment.

You have to wait for some working days. Our agent will contact you very shortly. Or else if you can contact to our agents directly in what’s app and Facebook available in our website.

First login your account in MTG, then go to my bookings. From the booking details you can find an edit option. Other than that if you are unable to edit your booking then contact our agents through online they will help you to edit.

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Our Company or its affiliate partners will not be liable for any Visa rejections and Hotel cancellation policies would still stand as they are no cancellation service fee if the payment has not been processed

If the cancellation of trip is done post the payment of booking amount, then the amount to be refunded is calculated as below:

  • Travel Triangle will charge Rs.500 (In India Only) as cancellation service fee from the booking amount paid per person across destinations over and above any cancellation charges levied by the agent.
  • Cancellation charges as per the cancellation policy of the agent will also hold good.

All refunds are processed within 7-10 days to the traveler from the day of cancellation of the trip either to your bank account or MTG Wallet as MCash.

For new user kindly click on my bookings and register with your mobile number and Email address. After successful registration you can get a message in your registered mobile number or email.

No worries about that. If you forgot your password then go to my bookings click on exist user and the forgot password. Then kindly provide your register mobile number or Email address and after that you can get a verified code. After put verified code you can change your password. Don’t share your account password to anyone.

First clear all the cookies or cache. Again try for your booking. After that if you are face an challenge contact us we are here to guide you.

MCash is a simple & easy way to save money on your travel bookings. You will earn MCash when you make bookings with My Tourism Guide. MCash can be redeemed to get discounts on your future bookings with mytourismguide.com.

Also, in case of cancellations, you may choose to take your refund amount in your MTGMCash wallet. In this case, refund gets credited instantaneously to the wallet and can be used immediately for your next booking.

With My Tourism Guide you can book your trip by online payment or offline payment. In online payment we have debit card, credit card, UPI payments ( Google pay, Phone pay, Paytm), amazon pay, paypal, net banking as well NEFT transfer. You can pay securely and book your tip with MTG for your memorable vacation.

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use your card on mytourismguide.com. A recent directive from RBI makes it mandatory to have an additional authentication pass code verified by VISA (VBV) or MSC (Master Secure Code) which has to be entered by buyers while paying online using visa or master credit card. It means extra security for customers, thus making online transactions safer. Don’t share your OTP or PIN to anyone.

The EMI option is available on your Credit Card payment. You can avail this option if you hold a valid credit card from any of the following banks - ICICI, AXIS, HSBC, Standard Chartered, Citibank, Indusland Bank, Kotak Bank or Ratnakar Bank.

Please check our website for current promotional offer(s)/discount(s). You can also write to us at info@mytourismguide.com to know more about it.

You can directly pay to our agent or in hotel reception as cash or card.

Kindly wait for a while, don’t refresh your page. If amount credit to our account then you can find your booking is successful or else your amount is re-credit to your account. If you won’t find these options then fell free to contact our customer supports.

Yes, you can pay from your mobile through net banking.

We have feedback portal in our website. On this portal you can find different options for review writing. Choose your category and write your review.


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