Alarnatha Mandira Brahmagiri

Address : NH 203A, Alarapur, Brahmagiri

City/District : Brahmagiri

State : Odisha


Alarnatha Temple or Alvarnaatha, is a temple dedicated to Vishnu and located in Brahmagiri, Odisha, near Puri. It becomes crowded during the krishnapaksha of Ashadha, after the Snana Yatra when lord Jagannath cannot be seen in Puri.


The temple is associated with the visit of the Alwar saint Ramanujacharya to Orissa. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu during his stay in Puri used to see Shri Jagannatha daily. During Anavasara when Lord and his siblings were taken to the secret chamber for 15 days, he was unable to see his dear Lord. So as per legend lord directed him to go to Brahmagiri and visit his another temple called Alarnath. Still today the Shila over which Mahaprabhu used to do Samkeertan is there. Many historians opine that Alwars once visited this place, but there is no mention of it in Divyaprabandam.

The temple opens at 6 AM and closes at 9:30PM. Baal Bhoga (breakfast) is offered in the morning. At midday, different kinds of rice, daal, and vegetable curries are offered along with kheeri (rice pudding) as dessert. At night, different kinds of pitha and khichudi with plantain fry is offered. During Anavasara time the Kheeri bhoga offered to Alvarnaath Swami is much hyped and in demand.


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