Bhatta Fall Mussoorie

Address : Mussoorie Rd, Bhatta Gaon

City/District : Mussoorie

State : Uttarakhand


Waterfall in a verdant mountain setting drawing picnickers & hikers to cool off in the spray.Bhatta falls gets its name from the Bhatta village where it is located. Near the falls you can see an old abandoned hydro electric power plant. The water fall is formed when water descends almost 30 metres amidst lush greenery. A huge pool is formed at the bottom of the water…


This is quite good place for a pit stop before you reach Mussoorie. Infact i found it better than Mussoorie lake. Views are fantastic and there is a small cafe serving coffee and snacks.Purchased the Rps150 ticket and took the Cable ( they refer to it as Ropeway...would not get into anything using rope over that distance and height) to the bottom. My focus was the falls so had no interest in the foodies nor the other children related displays. I crossed over and then proceeded up a series of concrete steps passing various smaller falls along the way. I could not help but notice the amount of rubble... some of it having been burnt..especially so the ubiquitous plastic water bottles. They were everywhere and in one small pool there were a collection of 10 or more swirling about. In my ascent I picked up not 1 or 2 bottles but 15 in all. These I found a bin... and they are readily available.. and tossed them in. Several locals taking pictures were baffled it seemed as to what this foreigner was doing ‘working ‘ at this location. Not sure my efforts indicated anything to the local folk. This mess aside, the Falls are lovely and the entire area would be further enhanced with a few signs asking visitors to bin their plastic.

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