Bhimkund waterfall Keonjhar

Address : Keonjhar

City/District : Keonjhar

State : Odisha


Bhimakunda Waterfall, Keonjhar has a stunning spectacular natural environment encircled with lush green forest. The majestic Baitarani river provides two most beautiful and scary waterfalls called Sanakunda & Badakunda to the natural lovers. The waterfall has a terrific characteristic of imparting awesome experience to the visitors due to large vertical shaped gorge & speeding current and makes the environment smokey.


Further huge roaring sound of waterfall makes the place most interesting among tourists. This waterfalls is considered as a most sacred place in religious point of view. Local people gather here during annual celebration of Makar Sankranti in large numbers. Mythology is that Pandavas were staying some time here during their religious expedition

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