Daman Daman

Address : Daman

City/District : Daman

State : Daman & Diu


Daman is a city in the union territory of Daman and Diu, on India's west coast. In the north, St. Jerome Fort, also known as Nani Daman Fort, recalls the area's Portuguese colonial past. Across the Daman Ganga River, Moti Daman Fort holds the ruins of a Dominican monastery, plus the Basilica of Bom Jesus Church, known for its gilt altarpiece. Close by, the Chapel of Our Lady of Rosary features intricate carvings.



Daman has a tropical savanna climate with two distinct seasons: a long sunny dry season from October to May and a hot, very humid and extremely wet monsoon season from June to September. Almost no rain falls during the dry season. With milder mornings and lower humidity especially up to the middle of March, this is by far the most comfortable time of the year.


The monsoon season, though relatively short, is extremely wet. Along with the very high humidity and heavy rain every afternoon, travel is difficult and uncomfortable.


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