Diu Diu

Address : Diu

City/District : Diu

State : Daman & Diu


Diu is a coastal town at the eastern end of Diu Island, India. A bridge connects the island to the state of Gujarat. Overlooking the Arabian Sea, Diu Fort, a 16th-century Portuguese citadel, features a lighthouse and cannons. Inland, centuries-old St. Paul’s Church was built in elaborate baroque style. Nearby, whitewashed St. Thomas Church is now home to the Diu Museum, with wooden carvings and religious artifacts.



Old Diu is known for its Portuguese architecture.


Diu Fort was built in 1535 and maintained an active garrison until 1960.


The Diu fort is the most visited landmark in the district. The fort and the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Old Goa were chosen as the two wonders from India, among the seven from across the world, out of a list of 27 monuments built in 16 countries during the Portuguese rule. The fort is built on a hillock next to the sea. There are only remains now, but the fort must have been a very romantic place.


There are three Portuguese Baroque churches, with St Paul’s Church, completed in 1610, being the only one in use for its original purpose. The Church of St Francis of Assisi (the first church built in Diu, in 1593) is now used as a hospital. St Thomas Church is used as a museum.


An ancient Lord Shiva temple is on the Gangeswar coast.


Naida Caves are near Jalandhar Beach, at 1km distance from the city center via Hadmitya road. The entry to Naida caves is free. The caves' origin remains a mystery as it is believed that they were formed by geological forces or due to quarrying done by the Portuguese. Naida caves create a natural sunlight show which sparkles big orange rocks. A labyrinth-like structure gives it a mesmerizing beauty which is a paradise for nature lovers and photographers. Caves are open for 24 hours though security personnel may sometime deny the entry at night after 5:30 pm as the inside of the caves become much darker.


INS Khukri or Khukri memorial is near Chakratirth Beach. It is known for its open amphitheatre and sunset shots.


The nearby Nagoa beach and offshore lighthouse are popular tourist destinations, and the coast is a popular recreational area for parasailing, boating and jet skiing. Off late water sports activities are suspended by the authorities.


Dinosaur park with life size Dinosaur structures and large play area for kids right on the bay. Bird watching sanctuary. Sea Shell Museum, Summer House. Lovers Point.


There are several hotels and resorts and there is a growing hotel and leisure industry.


Unlike in Gujarat State, alcohol is legal in Diu.


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