Pakke Tiger Reserve Kessang

Address : Itakhola Seijusa Road, Seijosa

City/District : Kessang

State : Arunachal Pradesh


Pakke Tiger Reserve, also known as Pakhui Tiger Reserve, is a Project Tiger reserve in the Pakke Kessang district of Arunachal Pradesh in northeastern India. The 862 km² reserve is protected by the Department of Environment and Forest of Arunachal Pradesh.



Pakke Wildlife Sanctuary lies in the undulating and hilly foothills of the Eastern Himalayas in Arunachal Pradesh's Pakke Kessang District at altitude ranging from 150 to 2,000 m (490 to 6,560 ft). It is bounded by Bhareli or Kameng River in the west and north, and by Pakke River in the east. It is surrounded by contiguous forests on most sides. To the east lies Papum Reserve Forest with an area of 1,064 km2 (411 sq mi). Towards the south and south-east, the sanctuary adjoins reserve forests and Assam's Nameri National Park. To the west, it is bounded by Doimara Reserve Forest with an area of 216 km2 (83 sq mi) and Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary; and to the north by Shergaon Forest Division. Selective logging on a commercial scale occurred in the reserve forests until 1996.


Pakke Tiger Reserve has a subtropical climate with cold weather from November to March. The temperature varies from 12 to 36 °C (54 to 97 °F). Annual rainfall is 2,500 millimetres (98 in). It receives rainfall predominantly from the south-west monsoon in May to September and north-east monsoon from November to April. October and November are relatively dry. Winds are generally of moderate velocity. Thunderstorms occasionally occur in March–April. The average annual rainfall is 2500 mm. May and June are the hottest months. Humidity levels reach 80% during the summer.


The area of Pakke Tiger Reserve was initially constituted as Pakhui Reserve Forest on 1 July 1966 and declared a game reserve on 28 March 1977. In 2001, it was renamed Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary and became Pakhui Tiger Reserve on 23 April 2002 as the 26th Tiger Reserve under Project Tiger of the National Tiger Conservation Authority.


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