Pawna Lake Pune

Address : Maval taluka

City/District : Pune

State : Maharashtra


Pavana Lake, also known as Pavana Dam Reservoir and Pawna Lake, is a reservoir turned artificial lake in the Indian state of Maharashtra, formed by the Pavana Dam across the Pavana River in Pune district.



The reservoir was formed as a consequence of the Pavana Dam project in Maval taluka in 1973. The backwaters of the Pavana Dam formed a reservoir, and the Pavana Dam backwaters subsequently came to be known as Pavana Lake.


In recent years, areas surrounding Pavana Dam and Pavana Dam Reservoir have seen rapid rise in tourism due to the waterbody's proximity to Lonavala hill station and forts such as Lohagad, Tikona and Tung. Various camping-site businesses have been started around the Pavana Lake. Agro-tourism has also flourished. Pavana Lake attracts visitors mainly from the two major neighbouring cities of Pune and Mumbai. Around 4,000 people from these two cities visit the lake every weekend. Camping industry has grown rapidly at Pavana lake since year 2017 and it has become major source of income for local people.


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